Can you replace a pata hard drive with an ide hard drive?

Answer Yes because both connectors are same shape and size.

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How to Tell If Your Notebook Hard Drive Is SATA or PATA?

Computer systems have several different connection methods for using hard drives. Two of these are SATA and PATA. If you are unsure of which hard drive interface type you have on your notebook comp... Read More »

Can you replace the actual hard drive inside the Xbox 360 hard drive?

Yes, you can replace or upgrade the hard drive in your Xbox 360. Microsoft's Xbox Support website has several tutorials that will help you to change or upgrade your system.Source:Microsoft: Xbox 3... Read More »

How to Replace an Internal Hard Drive with an External Hard Drive?

Using a removable external drive as primary storage has many advantages. It will allow you to boot from your drive on any other computer, albeit without proper driver support. Additionally, it will... Read More »

Can I replace an SATA hard drive with an EIDE hard drive?

You cannot use an SATA hard drive in place of an EIDE---or ATA---hard drive because they use different connectors, according to Kioskea. The best you can do is to buy an IDE conversion kit and hook... Read More »