Can you repair a laptop screen?

Answer Many individuals who own a laptop may experience hardware problems with their laptop screens, as they can break easily if dropped. You can repair a screen yourself, but it is essential to troublesh... Read More »

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How much is it to repair a laptop screen that is shattered?

ALOT!! I think it would be cheaper to buy a new one, unfortunately. Or if its new, you could sent it to the manufacturer and they may repair it, but that would also cost alot with shipping.

Can you repair a laptop if the inner screen is cracked?

How to Repair a Hewlett Packard HP Laptop Screen?

There are several things that might cause your HP laptop's screen to go out. One of the most common is the power inverter inside your LCD screen going bad. The inverter sends a DC (Direct Current) ... Read More »

How to Repair a Loose Laptop Screen Hinge With Velcro?

Over time the hinges that hold a laptop screen up can weaken. This can lead to the screen moving around or completely falling down without something propping it up. If you do not want to pay for re... Read More »