Can you remove black tattoo ink?

Answer Black tattoos, like all other tattoos, are permanent. However, you can remove or drastically fade a tattoo with laser tattoo removal. Black tattoo ink is actually easier to remove than colored tatt... Read More »

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Can you tattoo over black ink?

On One Hand: Touching Up Black InkBlack ink in a tattoo may fade or fall out while healing. This is due to an unprofessional tattoo artist or the client's skin type, healing issues because of an im... Read More »

HELP!! Im getting my first tattoo and I need to know if it looks better in black or in color?

How to Get a Black Light Tattoo?

As we learn more about inks and various tattoo techniques, we find new and exciting ways to personalize tattoos. One way is with a black light tattoo, a tattoo that shows up only underneath black l... Read More »

How to Keep Your Tribal Tattoo Black?

The deep black of the ink, coupled with the design, makes tribal tattoos very striking. Over time, the tattoos fade and the blacks become more gray. This is because of several factors including sun... Read More »