Can you remove a lenovo g575's screen?

Answer Yes, it should default to the other screen. How is the other screen plugged in? You would have to remove it properly, by removing back, front, keyboard, disconnecting carefully so as not to short a... Read More »

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How to Remove the Screen From a Lenovo T43 Laptop?

While the LCD screen on your Lenovo T43 laptop computer doesn't usually need to be removed, if you are trying to perform a self-repair on the screen of your T43, you will have to remove it from the... Read More »

Lenovo yoga 13, lenovo twist, or lenovo helix?

How to Remove a Lenovo X41 LCD?

Occasionally, the LCD screen of the Lenovo X41 may need to be removed in order for you to upgrade or replace a damaged screen. The screen of the Lenovo X41 laptop is attached with screws to the dis... Read More »

How to Remove the Stand of a Lenovo 6920-AB1?

The Lenovo 6920-AB1 is a 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor with a built-in stand. If the monitor is going to be mounted on a wall rather than being set on a desk top, the stand at the base of the moni... Read More »