Can you remove a friend from Facebook?

Answer a) Yesb) They receive it as soon as its sent. You can't, but you can friend them and remove them, if you're that cold...

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In facebook how can I remove a friend from my friend list who has blocked me ..?

dude first of all block option is made for blocking people so that you cant view their profile if she doesn't want you to see her profile she ill block you, which you can't notice unless you try ... Read More »

Is it rude to ask my friend to remove a photo from facebook?

I agree with Heather...perhaps she could crop you out of it. If not...tell her how the picture makes you feel; however, she is your friend and your picture is a memory of you being part of her wed... Read More »

How do I remove myself from friend suggestions on facebook?

When i remove a friend from Facebook - are they notified?

No, they just won't be able to view your profile anymore