Can you reheat Chinese food and rice safely?

Answer Within 24 hours and very well heated through!..Piping hot!

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What do you do with the leftover rice from Chinese Food?

fry some veggies and put them in your rice

If rice is a high carbohydrate food that is not good for you, then why do we not see more obese Chinese people?

..Probably not the rice but what we put on it......I love brown rice...veggies....Chinese people are not WONG....

Can I reheat Uncle Ben's minute rice?

As long as it has been properly stored you could probably nuke or stir-friedH-man

Is Chinese food from the restaurant such as beef and broc or chicken and broc with white rice healthy?

Most Chinese food cooked for Americans is high in oils--not a great idea when you feel fine, and a bad idea if you're not feeling well anywhere in your digestive tract. You can, of course, ask that... Read More »