Can you refinance your second home?

Answer Any borrower can refinance a mortgage loan, even if it is on a second home. The interest rate will be slightly higher for second residences, as opposed to primary residences. However, it is possibl... Read More »

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How frequently can you refinance your home?

You can refinance your home as often as you like. There are usually stipulations with refinancing depending on your mortgage, for example, they may require you to have your mortgage for a certain t... Read More »

How soon can you refinance your home?

On One Hand: When Interest Rates FallYou should refinance your home mortgage when mortgage rates fall so that you can take advantage of lower rates. A lower interest rate will result in savings on ... Read More »

When do you refinance your home?

According to, home refinancing is optimal if you currently have an adjustable rate mortgage, the going interest rate is one point below your current rate, your debt to income ratio i... Read More »

When is a good time to refinance your home?

Mortgage refinancing is a process where a homeowner allows a lender to buy out his current mortgage in order to offer him a new loan with different terms. Because home mortgages are the largest sou... Read More »