Can you refinance while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Answer Mortgage borrowers who have filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy may have an option to refinance with a loan product offered by the federal government.OptionAccording to the Federal Housing Administration (... Read More »

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Can a person file Chapter 13 while in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy term?

You cannot file Chapter 13 while in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy term. Chapter 7 is known as "straight bankruptcy" and it gets rid of outstanding debts. However, if you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you ha... Read More »

How Can I Refinance My Home While Still in Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to repay creditors on a monthly basis to get out of debt. During a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have limited control over your finances, as you have to approach the b... Read More »

Can you get a mortgage while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage while involved in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but several specific requirements must be met. Permission must be obtained from the bankruptcy trustee before applyi... Read More »

Tips on Renting While in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Life after bankruptcy is often frustrating, and life during bankruptcy can be extremely difficult. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can negatively impact your credit, making it very difficult to obtain... Read More »