Can you reenlist in the military after a honorable discharge?

Answer Yes, you can reenlist if it was a Honorable Discharge. Now it is difficult depending on the reason why. I was discharged for a knee injury, so I need to get a doctor's note saying I'm medically cle... Read More »

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Does the military ever reverse an honorable discharge to a dishonorable discharge if he or she commits capital murder after being discharged from the military?

No. If you commit a crime as a civilian after you've been separated from the military, it has no impact on your discharge. Not that it really matters - you get convicted for a capital crime, no dis... Read More »

Can you reenlist with an other than honorable discharge?

In some cases, yes, in some, no. The Army tends to be a bit fickle about this (although I can't speak for other branches). The Army is less willing to reenlist a service member who received an OTH ... Read More »

How long do pay benefits continue after a general or honorable US military discharge?

Military pay ends on the date of discharge, for honorable, general under honorable, general under less than honorable, and dishonoralbe discharges. There are no residual benefits for less than hono... Read More »

I received an honorable discharge from the military how can I obtain a military id card to use at the commissary?

Only retired, reserve or national guard soldiers have ID cards.SSG C. HernandezUS Army If you are not in the reserves, active, national guard or retired, you can not obtain an ID card.