Can you recycle the top on cans and get money for it ?

Answer If the can is aluminium it can be recycled. You will need to check with your recyclers since not all deal with that specific grade of aluminium .

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How to Recycle Tuna Fish Cans and Canned Veggie Cans?

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How to Recycle Cans?

As well as earning some extra pocket change, recycling cans could be a great way to help the earth.

Can you recycle tin cans?

Recycle tin cans just as you would aluminum cans or plastic bottles. The cans are processed to separate any steel, and the tin is reused in the chemical or drug industries. You can also recycle tin... Read More »

Why do we recycle cans?

Millions of aluminum soda and soup cans are used every day. Recycling these cans is environmentally beneficial in a number of ways. Cans are a valuable resource in recycling.CansAluminum cans can b... Read More »