Can you recover gold from inkjet printer cartridges?

Answer That is NOT gold. It's copper. With the price of gold right now, an inkjet cartridge would cost double what it already does!

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Are remanufactured / compatible printer cartridges / inkjet cartridges as good as the real thing?

usually, they're just cheaper, still work ok

What is the Model # of your HP Inkjet Printer, & what HP Inkjet Cartridges Does It Use ?

I have an Deskjet 842C, 712C and an officejet 4215 with the office jet it can take a 56, 27, and 21 for black without incident, however being that the 21 is ridiculously low capacity I will not use... Read More »

WILL using refilled cartridges harm my inkjet printer?

Hi there:I checked out the specifications, the manual, the replacement ink carts etc. on the HP website, and your printer is 100% " HP normal" in that there is nothing different about that setup.I... Read More »

How come replacement inkjet cartridges cost as much as the printer?

The ink is how they make their money. Your best bet is to find a brand that takes cheap ink.