Can you record tv with a LG 26LE5310 Digital TV?

Answer no you need a DVD recorder

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Will my VCR record with a new digital TV?

Yes, as long as you have your video cables hooked up properly to your VCR, you will be able to record your shows even if you have a digital television. However, a VCR cannot handle HD broadcasts. W... Read More »

Cab you record xbox with digital camera?

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How to Record Television Shows With a Cox Digital Cable Box?

A Cox Digital Cable Box will allow you to record shows. It is somewhat similar to DVR, but is distinctly different and requires different steps in order to operate correctly.

How to Record From Digital Cable With a Panasonic PV-8450 VCR?

VCRs have been replaced by DVD players in many households due in part to the superior quality that DVD delivers and the storage space saved by not having stacks of VHS tapes lying around. However, ... Read More »