Can you record tv with a LG 26LE5310 Digital TV?

Answer no you need a DVD recorder

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Will my VCR record with a new digital TV?

Yes, as long as you have your video cables hooked up properly to your VCR, you will be able to record your shows even if you have a digital television. However, a VCR cannot handle HD broadcasts. W... Read More »

Will my VCR record digital TV?

Although VCRs have lost some of their capabilities in the digital transition, they can still record TV shows. Most VCRs have analog tuners and are unable to record shows on multiple channels. Viewe... Read More »

How to Record Digital Interviews?

Indeed, the uncertainty level is very high in an interview. You never know what an interviewer will ask you. Most of the time it happens that an interviewer don’t ask anything regarding the job b... Read More »

How do you record video from canon ixy 300 digital?

Yes, you can. Any EF and EF-S lens will work on 20D.