Can you recommend me a 3D TV that is a Full HD as well as comfortable 3D TV?

Answer For full HD perception, active 3D televisions are the only choice. Passive televisions split the lines to two images so each eye sees only 540 lines. Compare that against the 576 lines for standard... Read More »

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Can anyone recommend me a wireless router that goes well with Ntl/Telewest cable connection?

Well I just bought a Linksys WRT54GS for my NTL connection for 40 pounds at Arrived in a couple of days, and it is working a treat. Be aware however that if your connection between th... Read More »

Full Time Jobs for Teens That Pay Well?

The recession has hit most Americans hard, but the one age group that has had an incredibly difficult time finding work is youth. Due to a high saturation of experienced workers being laid off, the... Read More »

Evergreens That Do Well in Full Sun in Summer & Shade in the Winter?

Evergreens have the ability to retain their foliage color through winter, when most other plants have died down for the season. With this ability, evergreen trees and shrubs provide warmth and colo... Read More »

Why did the government bother trying to rename it H1N1, knowing full well that Swine Flu is more fun to say?

They needed a technically jargon-esque term for the virus, because they wanted to suppress the public hysteria that might believe that a person is likely to catch that flu directly from pigs.