Can you recommend a good non-alcoholic drink to order in a pub?

Answer Virgin marry is nice one i try it alot or go for Frozen PunchFruit Juice MedleyGood Luck PunchHappy Time PunchHawaiian HulaItalian SodaJack's PunchJoggin in a JarSmoothieStrawberry SodaSunset

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What alcoholic drink do you recommend for a hot day?

When I'm in Cancun I always have a drink called a Time KillerIt sounds strange but its good and easy to makeYou need a 14oz pilsner if possible,Fill glass with iceSalt Ice Add one shot tequilaAdd j... Read More »

Whats a good drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic) for mexican food?

Since the Mexican food is generally hot, both in the sense of temperature, and usually due to the salsa, a cold drink of any kind is good. Beer is good if you want alcoholic drink, and water, iced... Read More »

How often would u drink in order to become an alcoholic?

1 drink 3 times a day!? LOL NOOOOOAlcoholics drink WAY WAY WAY MORE THAN THAT!!They have such a tollerance that it takes probably at least 5-6 to even get a buzz. I have a friend who is an alcoholi... Read More »

What is a good alcoholic drink to drink when you want to get proper pissed?

SOJU....that's an Asian drink. Alcohol mixed with formaldehyde.