Can you recommend a good 8mm film scanner?

Answer Here are quite a few links that I found that may interest you. Hope this is what you are looking for.…

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What film scanner would you recommend from the following two?……The Epson review is rather incomplete, but it gives enough information that it's roughly the same effective pix... Read More »

Can you recommend a good depressing film?

If you're in the UK a film called Nil by Mouth. It's too much for most people outside of the UK.Failing that... Irreversible.

Can anyone recommend a decent film that will make me have a good cry :)?

'Inside I'm dancing' really made me cry,its that kind of film where you re laughing one minute then crying you re lamps out the next or 'Braveheart',cried from start to finish ,don't know if its be... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a good printer/copier/fax/scanner?

well if you wont cost efficiency go with a laser multi function unit. both HP and canon make excellent products.