Can you recommend a good 3D TV for gaming?

Answer 3D television is an emerging technology and the market is changing fast. There are two type of 3D television, one that uses active glasses and the other that uses passive glasses. The passive glass... Read More »

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Is this a good gaming pc for the money If not please recommend.?

I5 3570k is overkill for most games (exception = minecraft), save yourself $80 and buy an I3 instead.16GB is overkill too, 8GB be more than enough for most games (again, not minecraft).Unless you a... Read More »

How much ram would you recommend for gaming?

Lol 16gb hey u only need 4gb at the moment but 8gb would be future proofget the 8gb motherboardyou wont need 16gb of ram

Which of these motherboards is better for gaming (are they good for gaming at all)?

The mothernoard does not impact performance very much. I read it changes performance by less than 2% as long as they are the same.The main thing you need to look at is features. for example if they... Read More »

Would people recommend the Alienware X51 for gaming?

It is okay, but it does struggle against a cheaper full sized desktop. The problems are that it does have a tendency to over heat due to the small case and then the ivy bridge i7 3770 gets very hot... Read More »