Can you recommend a good 3D TV for a college student?

Answer Late 2011 will see the release of Sony's branded Playstation 3D TV. At $499 (in the US) the PS 3D TV will come in a 24 inch display that's perfect for small rooms. You'll be able to play games in 3... Read More »

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How to Be a Good College Student?

Picture this: You a first time freshman in college. You want to have fun, but you want people to take you seriously. But most important of all you want to get the grades to prove you can do it.

Would this be a good laptop for a college student?

The Lenovo S10's a netbook, so if you're using it for college you'd better have small hands because that keyboard will get real cramped real fast (unless you buy an external one when writing long p... Read More »

What laptop would be good for a new college student?

Dells (to my experience and friends and relatives) have been fairly reliable, not overpiced, and they do what we ask of them. Another plus side to dell is that they offer good support and in the un... Read More »

What is a good apr on a credit card for a college student?

On One Hand: Less Than 15 Percent APRCollege students seeking credit cards can expect to receive an annual percentage rate (APR) of around 15 percent, according to A 2010 survey of... Read More »