Can you recommend a Flat-bed scanner that can handle 11x17 documents?

Answer Hi EwartTake a look at Umax. They have the best legal scanners and up to 17"They are more expensive but last a lifetime or alnost. That is the make we use at the print shop for scanner photo-shoots.

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The best scanner that you can recommend?

I am also using an all in one hp printer like yours. I recommend decreasing the dpi/resolution when you are scanning it will make the scanning faster.

I need a scanner/printer that auto feeds itself for scanning lots of documents. (As CHEAP as possible too)?

Hi, do you care about the quality of the scans? There are so many scanners out there today to choose from. Check out this website for more info on what to select. I would suggest a Canon or an Epso... Read More »

Does Fedex Kinkos have scanners that are 11x17?

Kinkos usually do have scanners that size, but to save yourself time, call ahead to make sure.

Is there a flat bed scanner that will multi scan photos but produce individual images in my pictures.Thanks.?

Not the scanner but the software that comes with the scannerYou can either crop the photo before you scan - so that you only scan that bit and ignore the rest(so you do several scans of the same ph... Read More »