Can you recieve another chemotherapy drug if a person has a reaction to a certain chemo drug?

Answer I saw someone have an extreme adverse reaction to a chemo. It was dealt with quickly and the treatment continued.

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What is the average sentence for a person arrested for a B felony drug charge with one prior D felony drug conviction?

Col. Oliver North Gen. Colin Powell Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

What r d symptoms of drug addicted person,Wht r d symptoms of a person who has gone through drug rehabilitatio?

well in most cases a drug addect or an x addect can detect another addect , the sypmtoms of a person that has gone through a drug program is the same as anyone else there are none , yes some ... Read More »

I receive chemotherapy once a week and I was wondering over the weekend...once the drug is put into my vein?

It leaves your body through your digestive system. It all ends up in the toilet. (so if your animal drinks water from the toilet be aware).How are you handling the treatments? We have done 15 we... Read More »

I have blisters on my tongue from a negative reaction to the drug neurontin . How can I get some relief?

go to the store and buy liquid benadryl and some liquid Mylanta or Maalox. Pour out enough of the maalox out of the bottle in order to pour the benadryl in it. Shake well then swish about 2 tablesp... Read More »