Can you receive unemployment benefits while receiving military disability?

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If you are receiving unemployment benefits and then start receiving Social Security Disability Benefits can you still collect unemployment?

The reasoning behind the Disability Benefits program, is to grant a monthly check to those people who are "no longer able" to perform the duties required to hold their job, or work due to some medi... Read More »

If you are receiving short term disability benefits and while collecting you were laid off from your employment can you collect unemployment compensation while receiving short term disability benefits?

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Can you receive life insurance other than accidental if you are receiving disability benefits the disability benefits are permanent due to a non-terminal illnesss?

The disability benefits are paid when it is ascertained that there can be no possibility of the life assured earning a livelihood ie. the life assured is totally incapicitated due to his illness so... Read More »

Can you receive unemployment benefits if you are receiving a pension?

A person can receive unemployment benefits if he is receiving a pension, but he typically must be seeking new employment, according to the New York Department of Labor website. If a state grants un... Read More »