Can you receive a DayZ global ban for duping?

Answer As there is no real way to prove you are using duped items I'd say no (unless you admitted it to an admin or something). They can detect hacked in items, however I think the most an admin can do is... Read More »

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Will this run skyrim dayZ bf3 etc?

That's a good computer. You wont have problems running games for at least a couple years.

How would these specs do for DayZ?

Okay, to start off, I'm not sure why you included the DVD drive, or the media manager, as those have no say in how you can play this game. Secondly, you need a new computer. You might be able to ru... Read More »

Dayz says its a bad version, everything up to date?

problem resolved here's how for any future encounters1) Download beta 95417 from here [1] Install it3) go to \steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expan... Read More »

What Sony VAIO should I get for DayZ!?

A great place to get a brand new computer for a good price is Kudu Bids. They are an online store that offers deals each day to it's members. I won a computer on there for under $300 even though it... Read More »