Can you really trust anyone that can bleed for 3 days straight and not die?

Answer Liar, liar!!! That's not what you say when you're earning your REDWINGS!!!!! In fact, you scream... "OHGODOHGODOHMAHHHHGAWDDDDDD I've died and gone to heaven." All that extra loob gets you going.

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Why anyone trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die?

Quite the contrary. He's the one who's scared of dying that week.

Does anyone *really* believe that children are being raised better these days than forty or even twenty years.?

I think you are right in saying there is too much intrusion into family life these days Joan. The Nanny state is alive and thriving in Britain.As to whether children are better brought up today ? I... Read More »

Straight blow to forearm. still hurts really bad two days later... how can i tell if it is possibly broken?

You probably broke your arm. When I broke my arm I could move my fingers but I wished I hadn't. If its swollen and its cracking and in constant pain then get it checked. But you should be icing you... Read More »

Wasnt that the quickest 40 days in prison that ever anyone has that Paris Hilton has had?

In America money can and does buy anything. It was with the financial backing of the oil companies that got Bush elected.