Can you really trust anyone that can bleed for 3 days straight and not die?

Answer Liar, liar!!! That's not what you say when you're earning your REDWINGS!!!!! In fact, you scream... "OHGODOHGODOHMAHHHHGAWDDDDDD I've died and gone to heaven." All that extra loob gets you going.

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Why anyone trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die?

Quite the contrary. He's the one who's scared of dying that week.

Can you be pregnant if you bleed on and off for 4 days?

Answer If it is light bleeding that is hardly noticeable it may be implantation bleeding. i experienced this with my pregnancy.

Is it possible for you to be pregnant if you bleed for one day two days after the unprotected sex?

How to Stay up for 2 Days Straight?

Soda pop is a great way to stay up all night!You've stayed up all night, and now you need to stay up for 2 days. Here is how