Can you really slip on a bananna peel?

Answer My younger brother and I tried it when we were little kids.If you place the banana just like their shown on TV (like all spread out with mushy inside peeling on the floor) on a slick-like floor suc... Read More »

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How to Make a Banana Slip Layered Shooter?

A traditional layered shooter that has the creamy taste of banana liqueur.

How to Peel a Banana?

The simplest and most effective way to peel a banana is by use of the convenient "handle" on one end of the fruit. However, you may find that this conventional method "mushes up" the top of the ban... Read More »

Is a banana peel healthy?

Banana peels are edible, and because they are high in fiber, consuming the peel can improve digestion and may prevent hemorrhoids. However, most of a banana's nutritional value is in the fruit, not... Read More »

Is a banana peel litter?

Litter is trash that is not put in the appropriate place, such as the trashcan. Although a banana people is biodegradable and will eventually break down into, it is still litter when it is on the g... Read More »