Can you really loose your virginity that way?

Answer well you certainly wont ever be the same ill say that much!

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Should i loose my virginity?

so what if everybody had sex if everybody has aids and babies would you want it toand if you have to ask your not ready

Am i the right age to loose my virginity?

you are too young, but i do have to say that there is no "right" age to lose your virginity, you have to feel and know in your heart and you head that you are ready, sex can bring pleasure, but sex... Read More »

Girls, what age did you loose your virginity?

70% of teenagers loose their virginity during highschool. What's your opinion on this?

I agree that the statistic is right but I am in highschool and I am not ready for something that special I believe it is best to save that stuff for later because I saw what it did 2 my older siste... Read More »