Can you really get a good deal when you shop on Black Friday?

Answer You only get a good deal if your willing to get up at 2am, stand around in a parking lot, physically harm an old lady when you plow into her racing to the front door, possibly trample someone in yo... Read More »

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On a black Friday would you rather shop online or shop in a store?

I shop online - what I find in the stores is that they have an item on sale (but may carry 10-15 items) and they rest wont come out of the stock room.- they limit the quantity. I also cannot stand... Read More »

Where's the best (online) Black Friday deal for a laptop or PC?

Amazon has some good deals on netbooks at around $250 which would be perfect for a kid. Walmart has some at around the same price but have older models. Amazon has the newer models for sale. Her... Read More »

Has anyone went one day before black friday in a store and hid an item to be bought on black friday sale?

I have not.. But that is an excellent idea:o

How good is the amazon black friday deals?

Well, since Black Friday is in November, December may be too late to wait!Just be aware that not everything will be on sale. So you may be waiting for nothing!