Can you really fail Kindergarten?

Answer Teachers hesitate in using the word fail for such young kids. Often times they don't fail on purpose or anything.Kindergarten is a lot these days, much more than it used to be. By the end of kinder... Read More »

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Is it possible for a child to fail Kindergarten?

there is no such thing like fail in kindergarten! even if they like the worse student in the class or dont read well or etc, they are still wont fail in anything! come on! tell your aunt that they ... Read More »

What happens if you fail a college course?

On One Hand: It's a DisasterCourses that you take in the first two years of college are generally required courses, and failing one means a do-over. If it's too late to salvage your grade by catchi... Read More »

I need to fail my eye test?

I wouldn't recomment trying to fail the test - we have ways to tell if you're lying. How do you think we can prescribe glasses for very small children? We don't necessarily need your input to tel... Read More »

What does long dst-fail mean?

“Long–dst fail” means that the longer version of the diagnostic self-test that your computer ran on your hard drive failed. A “fail” test result from the long drive self test usually indi... Read More »