Are Stride gum wrappers actully made out of sugar?

Answer No. According to Candy Addict, Stride gum wrappers are made out of paper. In addition, while the wrappers may be safe for chewing, Cadbury-Adams, the maker of Stride gum, does not recommend ingesti... Read More »

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Is gyoza wrappers the same as potsticker wrappers?

Gyoza is the Japanese word for the Chinese dish commonly called potstickers. The dish is identical, other than the name, so potsticker wrappers ARE gyoza wrappers.

How much gum is in a pack of stride?

Stride gum comes in flavors such as Eternal Melon, Nonstop Mint, Always Mandarin and Sweet Berry. Stride gum packages hold 14 pieces of gum and each piece contains five calories.References:Stride G... Read More »

How to Lengthen Your Stride?

People typically tend to "fall" on their front foot in normal, everyday walking as a safety measure, and because their trips are generally quite short; desk to bathroom to fridge, and back to desk.... Read More »

How to Improve Your Stride?

Having a longer stride can give you the edge you need when it comes to competing in a race. Learning how to improve your stride is not difficult to learn but you must keep at it and practice.