Can you really change your IP address.........?

Answer yes you can#To release and renew your IP address:Step 1Go to "Start > Run" and type "cmd" (without quotation marks), then select "OK"#Step 2Type "ipconfig /release" (without quotation marks) and pr... Read More »

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You have custody of your 16 yr son Without your approval his father took him for his permit using your address Will your insurance go up in NY Can you do something to change the address?

Answer If you absolutely do not let him drive your vehicle, then no it won't go up. If you intend to let him drive, you need to contact your agent and add the boy to your policy, and yes, then it ... Read More »

If you give Target your email address will you really get a $500 giftcard?

*Notice: To claim your reward you must participate in our program and meet all of the offer eligibility requirements as outlined in the Terms & Conditions before you can receive your FREE reward. E... Read More »

How do I change my IP Address I am IP Banned from a site and I need to change my IP address.? Protect Internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing -- hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & more ... ...................... Read More »

Is there any way to change your IP address so it doesn't appear your in the state that you are in?

What you're looking for is called an HTTP Proxy. If you look through the menus of your Internet browser, you'll find (probably under connection settings, or network settings) a place where you can... Read More »