Can you read books at Marine Corps Marine Combat Training School?

Answer Most Field Manuals are considered to be acceptable leisure reading material.

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What is the difference between the US marine combat training in World War 2 and modern day Marine combat training?

The Marine training of World War 2 is the same as the training of today except now we have more modern armament and computerized equipment the Marine recruits have to learn about now. It has always... Read More »

Marine Corps Combat Branches How do I sign up for the Marine's Special Operations Rapid Response Team?

Rapid Response Teams are defined per task; not as a permanent operations command within the USMC. The SpecOps group within the USMC are Force Reconnaissance Marines (FORECON).

How is marine combat training?

Very hard. Some days you only get like 4 hours of sleep. Weapons training,tactical drills,field demo's for live combat...etc.

What marine corps order contains the marine corps official stance on non-support?