Can you put yourself in to the foster care system?

Answer Not many people would want to marry into a pre-existing relationship between you and your adopted child. I am not used to the concept of an unmarried person having "stabilized their family conditi... Read More »

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Does the foster system care about the children that go through it?

The system, and the politics, and government officials that run it don't - not even a little. They care about statistics and keeping their funding and jobs, and looking good. Most case workers DO c... Read More »

What changes would you make to the Foster Care System ?

1) make it harder to be a foster parent- to many still get through that should never get to2) if a child is abused we need to do a better job of helping the family. many things can increased the c... Read More »

Transracial adoption in the US Foster care system?

It disturbs me greatly that there is no specialized training for transracial adoptions. I think there should be more mandatory education for all types of adoption.I do agree that there needs to be... Read More »

What ONE thing about the foster care system would you reform first?

This is my opinion.I've been in the foster care system twice in my young life of 18 years lol.First time was when I was 8, my sister was 4 or 5ish. We didn't come from an abusive home. Our mother d... Read More »