Can you put your Nikon lenses on a Sony Alpha NEX-5?

Answer Yes, by using mount adaptor. Lens need to focus manually only. Old nikon lens aperture can be control but new ones will stop down to its maximum f. I personally believe that manual focus and apert... Read More »

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Lenses compatiblity for sony DSLT alpha a65?

sony has a range of lenses which you can find in their websites. if you cant find one of your liking you can get third party lenses from carl zeiss, tamron, sigma, tokina and more which makes sony ... Read More »

Will sony alpha a230 lenses fit in a a380?

The mount specification is identical. Any lens you can get to work on the a230 will work exactly the same on the a380.

Are minolta af lenses compatible sony alpha?

For the Sony Alpha you will see the terms A mount, AF mount, MAF mount, Alpha mount, Minolta AF mount. The correct term is "A mount".A few years ago Sony acquired the camera division of Konica-Min... Read More »

Nikon d60 or sony alpha 200?

Both are fine cameras, so you will have to choose between them based upon your own research.Go into a camera store and see which of the cameras fits your hands the best.See which cameras menu is th... Read More »