Can you put wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

Answer It is possible to wallpaper over existing wallpaper. If the old wallpaper is vinyl, a vinyl-to vinyl-primer might be necessary. Otherwise, identify and paste loose areas of old wallpaper, use Spack... Read More »

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Can I wallpaper over wallpaper panels in mobile home if i use a wallpaper primer?

you can do this, but be aware that your wall paper will only be as good as the wall paper underneath it.I.E. if the original layer of wall paper stars to come loose from the wall because of old g... Read More »

Can you hang wallpaper over wallpaper?

AnswerYou can Hang wallpaper over wallpaper but it tends to not hold to the walls as well as hanging in on a bare surface. However, if you must, first paint over the old wallpaper with an oil-based... Read More »

How to Hang New Wallpaper Over Old Wallpaper?

A homeowner may discover that his older home has slats, paper and horsehair for a wall covering under layers of wallpaper. Removing the walls and replacing them with drywall may not be in the budge... Read More »

Can I wallpaper over wallpaper?

Your best bet is to remove it, even if it's stuck directly to the drywall. Here's how:1. Buy a scoring tool. Inexpensive and gets the job done right, without giving you strained muscles. http://www... Read More »