Can you put videos from youtube onto an ipod?

Answer Of course - iPod is worse money, if there are no youTube movies on it! :)If you are PC user - you gone a lot of strange FREE tools. Just google it. Video on youtube is in FLV format, which can't be... Read More »

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How do you upload videos from youtube onto an ipod?

Actually there is also a free online service:www.vidtomp3.comOr you can download the software at

Can u download videos from youtube to put onto ur ipod?

yes you can. when you are watching a good video that you want to keep, copy the address of the video, open a new tab or new window in firefox, and type in when you get there, there wil... Read More »

Is there a way to convert videos from youtube onto an ipod?

There're plenty of sites that do this for you! =D Here's some help.The video needs to be in .mp4 or .mov (Quicktime Movie) format - both are accepted by iTunes. Lately, I've found that converting t... Read More »

How do I put youtube videos onto my IPOD?

the easiest way i have found is through 1. copy youtube video2. switch from file to url. 3. paste it. 4. on the next box, scroll to mp45. type in email6. few minutes, open the email and ... Read More »