Can you put the jacket with built in earphones in the dryer?

Answer It shouldn't be unless you have your headphones in which could be a distraction to driving or if you are holding the ipod up to your ear, then a police officer could think its a cell phone.

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Can you put a jacket with built in headphones in the dryer?

Can you take out earphones in a jacket?

i have the same problem have searched pretty much everywebsite and still cant get it working...

Which of these two earphones are better to work out with which other earphones are shpuld i get?

AKG's are good and most are black and gold

This is good, it concerns a dryer, as in clothes dryer with woodchips?

Clean the filter first and then run it again to see what happens.As long as the chips haven't got into the drive mechanism it should be OK.Failing that, it could be a complete strip down.............. Read More »