Can you put stain and polyurethane over stained wood?

Answer On One Hand: Stained Wood is PorousStained wood can receive an additional application of stain and a polyurethane finish. Pittsburgh Paints recommends,"Wood types vary in color and texture and will... Read More »

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How to Apply Polyurethane to Stained Wood?

Polyurethane is applied to painted or stained surfaces to protect the wood or finish. It goes on wet, but leaves a strong sealed surface when dry. Applying polyurethane over stained wood is crucial... Read More »

How do I strip polyurethane stain from wood floors?

PrepareSweep the wood floor to remove any dirt and debris. As you sweep, watch for any nails that may be sticking up from the surface of the floor. Pound in these nails with a hammer to prevent inj... Read More »

How To Get Hardwood Floors To Take Polyurethane Stain?

Most wood floors are coated with a varnish glaze that protects them from abrasion and water damage. Unfortunately, this protective quality also works to reject polyurethane stain. If you want to re... Read More »

How do I apply polyurethane stain to an existing concrete floor?

CleanSweep or vacuum your concrete floor to remove any dirt or debris. Remove all of the dirt from the floor since anything left behind is permanently sealed onto the floor. Mix 1 tsp. of dish dete... Read More »