Can you put porcelain in a dishwasher?

Answer I wouldn't take any chances.

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Can you put porcelain into the dishwasher?

Depends. Porcelain as such is "safe", but not all decorations are. Unless any pattern is glazed in, it may fade over time.

Is porcelain dishwasher safe?

Yes, porcelain is dishwasher safe, oven safe, but do not put it into the microwave!

Is Limoge porcelain dishwasher safe?

Limoges porcelain (pronounced Li-moge) is a high-quality porcelain that is often hand-painted. Because of the fine quality of the porcelain, the delicate decorations, and the harsh nature of dish d... Read More »

Can Godinger porcelain be washed in the dishwasher?

I'm working on this right now. So far all I can do is scrap the wax off and use goo gone. Then I run it again and repeat as it keeps throwing the wax that is in the inner parts back out on the wall... Read More »