Can you put photos from the computer back onto an sd card?

Answer Yes, if you have a card reader or if your camera acts as a card reader you can drag-and-drop them onto the drive. This should work in Windows or Mac OS.

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How can I get back my photos...accidently deleted ALL of them on phone/sd card?

First of all, do not save any new file to camer's memory card.Take out memory card, and connect it to computer using a card reader. You should see memory card shown as a drive letter (like H:) in W... Read More »

How to Transfer Photos Back to an SD Card From a Kodak Camera?

Ever since the advent of the digital camera, saving and sharing your photos has never been easier. Although photos are most commonly transferred from a camera onto a computer, one can make transfer... Read More »

Can you transport photos to an xD card with your computer?

You can easily upload and download photos to and from xD-Picture cards with your computer. To do this, you need a card reader that can read xD cards. These readers typically connect over USB, or ca... Read More »

How do you upload photos to an SD card from your computer?

Open the SD card in windows explorer and then simply copy and paste the image files to the card.