Can you put paper towels in a worm bin?

Answer Yes, but it's much better if you run them through the paper shredder first.

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Are paper plates and paper towels recyclable?

Even though paper plates and paper towels are paper products, they are not recyclable. If the paper towels or plates are soiled, such as with food or germs, it will contaminate the other recyclable... Read More »

What can you do with paper towels?

Paper towels have many more uses than just cleaning up various spills around the house. They are also useful for making crafts, artwork and storage.Kids ArtworkOne thing you can do with paper towel... Read More »

What is in Brawny paper towels?

Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products, the manufacturer of Brawny paper towels, says it cannot reveal the ingredients that go into making its towels because that information is "proprietary and confide... Read More »

What Substances Do Paper Towels Contain?

Buying household products like toilet paper, garbage bags and paper towels is unlike buying food in that you don't typically consider what goes into making these products. Paper towels, like other ... Read More »