Can you put orajel on your tough?

Answer Yes you can! Orajel is most commonly used to treat cankers. Clean the area with a cotton swab or a dry cloth then add orajel on the area that is bothering you. Let it dry for 30-60 seconds. Do not ... Read More »

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Orajel Directions?

Orajel is a trademarked name for a benzocaine topical anesthetic used to numb the skin. Despite the name, Orajel is appropriate for use in and out of the mouth, and is intended to relieve mild pain... Read More »

Is Baby Orajel safe?

On One Hand: Doctors and pharmacists recommend itDoctors and pharmacists recommend Baby Orajel, according to the makers of Orajel. It is safe if swallowed, and the amount of the numbing element ben... Read More »

Is it it safe if I mix my Orajel with toothpaste?

The back of an Orajel container states that it is not recommended to mix the product with toothpaste. However, Orajel makes its own brand of toothpaste with the product in it.References:Orajel

Is Orajel safe to take while pregnant?

Doctors caution against using any medications (if possible) during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. But there are no cautions involved with topical analgesics such as Orajel.(see the related link b... Read More »