Can you put mini-blinds in the dishwasher?

Answer Plastic or vinyl mini-blinds that are small enough to fit into a dishwasher may be washed on the top rack at the lowest setting. The rest of the dishwasher should be empty. Metal, wood and fabric b... Read More »

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How to Cut Mini Blinds to Fit?

Mini blinds, often made of plastic, come in various sizes to fit over most windows. However, if you have one that is too long for a window, you can actually cut it down. However, approximately 1 to... Read More »

How do I dye mini blinds?

If your mini blinds are made of fabric, you can easily dye them. According to the website All About Hand Dyeing, the fabrics that will hold color the best are those containing at least 80 percent c... Read More »

How do you fix mini-blinds?

One of the most common problems on mini-blinds are slats that have been damaged or broken by pets or children. The slats on your mini blinds can be replaced. What you will need to do is un-string t... Read More »

How do I hang mini blinds?

Install BracketsPlace one of the brackets that came with the mini blinds against the window frame, either on the inside of the frame or on the front of the frame. Secure the bracket with two of the... Read More »