Can you put lead weights into fish ponds?

Answer Several states have banned the use of lead sinkers and other fishing tackle because of the threat it poses to loons and other water birds. They ingest lost sinkers, mistaking them for seeds or gizz... Read More »

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Can you put lead into fish ponds?

Avoid adding lead to fish ponds if at all possible. A toxic metal, lead can kill fish in sufficient amounts. Pets or children could develop lead poisoning if they drink from ponds contaminated with... Read More »

What Kinds of Fish Were Kept in Ancient Roman Fish Ponds?

In ancient times, wealthy Romans enjoy pisciculture, their term for raising fish. The fish ponds they kept were called piscinae, and were incredibly expensive to maintain. Marcus Terentius Varro, a... Read More »

How to Melt Lead Weights?

Melted lead weights can be reused to make fishing lures, sinkers and hunting bullets. To melt lead weights, you need a heat source hot enough to melt the lead and then you need to remove the impuri... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Algae in Fish Ponds?

The term "algae" is used to describe many photosynthetic organisms that live in water sources including ponds. Algae range from small spores, to clumps of material that look like plants, to what lo... Read More »