Can you put hot water in a CamelBak water bottle?

Answer You can put hot water in a CamelBak water bottle. CamelBaks are made to accommodate boiling water, when necessary. Caution should be taken when drinking hot liquid from a CamelBak bottle equipped w... Read More »

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Eddy camelbak water bottle?

Try soaking them in a very diluted bleach and water solution for about ten minutes. I would recommend a 1:32 solution as described in the source below.

How to Clean a Camelbak Water Hose?

After prolonged use of your Camelbak hydration system, you may notice some black material in the seams of the bladder and the tubing. This means it's time to give your Camelbak a thorough cleaning.... Read More »

How much is 3 liters of water! In cups or let's say a water bottle Please don't give me units! ?

Is it safe to put frozen water bottle in heated hot water?

Perfectly fine. a lot of people actually boil water in those plastic bottles when they're camping.