Can you put hot food straight into the fridge or does it have to cool down first?

Answer It has to cool down or the whole fridge will get warm. Another Answer Supposedly, modern refrigerators can handle hot food without a negative impact on other food in the fridge. Personally, I would... Read More »

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How does food in the fridge cool down?

food in the fridge cools down because of the cold air in the fridge.

How did the first fridge keep food cool?

The first fridges used ammonia and an electrical pump which would forced the liquid through tubes that ran along the back of the refrigerator. With time the moving parts involved in the electrical ... Read More »

If you are renting a home that came with a fridge and the fridge goes out and spoils 200 dollars worth of food who is responsible for replacing the food?

AnswerThe landlord if he/she were informed of the problem and did not repair or replace the refrigerator in a timely manner. Unless there is a clause in your rental agreement/lease that states othe... Read More »

Fridge Won't Cool at All (After moving)?

Replacing the entire cap tube is going to be very difficult because it most likely goes into an aluminum evaporator. Brazing aluminum is tricky and most often impossible.The walls are just too thin... Read More »