Can you put games on a second hard drive?

Answer You can, just make sure the drive is fast. I don't normally put games on my second HDD since it's rotation rate is a bit slower, causing some games to run a little more slowly.

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Can I Connect a Laptop Hard Drive to My Desktop PC as a Second Drive?

On One Hand: Laptop Drives Cost MoreLaptop hard drives can cost up to twice as much as a desktop hard drive for an equivalent amount of storage space. Because of their smaller form factor, laptop d... Read More »

How to Install a Second Hard Drive in a IBM T40?

The IBM T40 uses a swappable drive option called an Ultrabay Slim. This slot on the laptop can be used to install a second battery, an optical drive (such as a DVD-ROM drive) or a second hard driv... Read More »

How do I add a second hard drive to Windows XP?

Connect Your Hard DrivePhysically install or connect the hard drive to your PC. Follow all the manufacturer's instructions for physical installation.Install Your Hard DriveClick "Start." Right-clic... Read More »

How do I configure a second IDE hard drive?

PreparationAdjust the "Jumper" settings of the hard drive before installing the second IDE hard drive; the jumpers are small pins with plastic covers found on the rear of the hard drive. Switch the... Read More »