Can you put fish in a saltwater pool?

Answer On One Hand: Salt Water Pools Are Low SalinityOcean water has an average salinity level of 35,000 parts per million. Recommended salinity for a saltwater fish aquarium is 28,000 to 38,000 ppm depen... Read More »

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If you want a saltwater pool can you just put salt in and let the pool pump do the rest or do you need to have a saltwater system?

Answer You need a saltwater system. The unit converts the salt (NaCl) to chlorine gas (Cl) within a chamber using electricity then (almost) immediately converts it back again to salt. The cycle is ... Read More »

What is the cost and efficiency of converting a public 'chlorine based' swimming pool into a saltwater pool?

AnswerYou will need 1 chlorine generator for every 25000 gallons of water in your pool, They run 1500-1700.00 each. It takes about 2.5 years to break even, If nothing breaks.The water is tons bette... Read More »

If you want to convert your pool to saltwater are there any chlorine generators that will accommodate a 48000-gallon pool and where should you look and what would you expect to pay?

48,000 Gallons? That's a big pool! Being in the pool service business, I have installed many chlorine generators in residential pools. I haven't come across a residential unit that will accomodat... Read More »

Will installing a saltwater system on a new pool immediately after filling with water but before the interior has cured stain the pool?

Answer I have a salt water system and recently had my pool resurfaced. There was no staining. Answer If you put your salt in the skimmer like you we're supposed to there should be no staining, If y... Read More »