Can you put contacts in water?

Answer You should not put contacts in water. Tap water cannot disinfect your contacts. Even purified water contains some bacteria, which can cause eye infections. Water does not have the salt content that... Read More »

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Water on Contacts...?

You'll probably be fine, but that is not recommended. Water isn't sterile, and could transfer bacteria between your contact and eye.

Contacts and tap water?

Looks like you have no clue how to care for contacts.Running them under water was a very wrong thing to do. Have you not been told to NEVER get water on your lenses ? Contact lenses and water DO NO... Read More »

Can contacts be put in water overnight?

Contacts should not be put in water overnight. Because water does not have disinfecting properties, storing your contacts in water can create bacteria that cause severe eye health problems and disc... Read More »

Can contacts last in water overnight?

No, do not put them in water. The solution you buy is not just water. Plain water will wreck contacts. Worse comes to worse either leave them in your eyes overnight or take them out and use glas... Read More »