Can you put coffee grounds in compost?

Answer Yes, if you want acidic compost..They are very good for azaleas and other acid loving plants.

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How do I use coffee grounds for compost piles?

Acquire a composting bin to use. A variety of composting bins are available for purchase at local home and garden stores including rolling composting bins, composting tumblers and vermicomposting b... Read More »

How to Recycle Coffee Grounds From Your Coffee Maker?

Drinking coffee is a daily activity for many people across the world. Whether you use an electric coffee maker, a French press, a Chemex brewer, or any other type of coffee brewing method, you may ... Read More »

Coffee Grounds As an Ant Repellent?

Ant pesticides contain chemicals that are potentially hazardous to humans and pets, but natural remedies work just as well. The next time you make coffee, save the grounds and use them to repel ant... Read More »

How can coffee grounds be used as fertilizer?

Coffee grounds contain substantial nitrogen and potassium, both important for plant growth. They also includes many other trace minerals and carbohydrates. This also makes it a good fertilizer. Bu... Read More »