Can you put coffee filters down a garbage disposal?

Answer Disposable coffee filters are produced using a fine paper. As this paper can be fibrous in texture, it is recommended that you do not place coffee filters in the garbage disposal. Fibrous texture... Read More »

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Can you put chicken bones down a garbage disposal?

It is fine to put chicken bones in the garbage disposal as long as the bones are small. Larger bones and whole carcasses should be put in the regular trash bin.Source:Plumbing Pro: What Can't I Put... Read More »

Can garlic peel go down a garbage disposal?

No. It will get stuck in the disposal and keep other foods from being ground up.

Should you put egg shells down the garbage disposal?

Well your other answers have a mix of composting hippies, and semi-correct people. Most garbage disposals will not handle half a citrus fruit. The rind is the problem, however, if you remove the pe... Read More »

Help!! I dropped my finger down the garbage disposal!!!!?

Hmm...was the garbage disposal on at the time? If it was off when you dropped your fake finger down the disposal, then there is a very good chance it is fine and just nestled happily down there on ... Read More »