Can you put bricks in the sand bags given to you for your wedding cake pool steps instead of sand if it is a vinyl above ground pool?

Answer Answer if you don't mind running the risk of dropping a brick in your pool, puncturing the liner, and spending a bunch of money on repairing it because you wanted to get creative then go ahead.

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Is it bad to allow a dog to swim in an in-ground pool with a vinyl liner and a sand filter?

It shouldn't do the system any harm if you let the dog have a swim the only thing is that you may have to keep a closer eye on the hair filter against the pool pump as dogs can leave a lot of hair ... Read More »

Sand Requirements for an Above-Ground Pool?

Sand is commonly used under above-ground pools as a solid base that will deter the growth of grass and weeds. The exact amount needed will depend on your pool size, but all sizes should use the sam... Read More »

How do i replace the sand in an in-ground pool filter?

Get ReadyOpen the waste outlet drain on the pump at the bottom by removing the cap after you've turned off the pump. Remove the dome cover from the pump by unlatching the clamps on each side of the... Read More »

Is foam or sand better for the bottom of an above-ground pool?

Answer foam is better in the bottom of the pool than sand, sand shifts and will sometimes wash out leaving deep indentions in the pool.foam is best used 1/4" foam is best no small nolargeralso make... Read More »