Can you put bleach detergent on your teeth?

Answer On One Hand: Medical dangerAccording to Drs. Katzenmeyer and Deskin at the University of Texas Medical Branch, any oral contact with a substance that contains bleach is a bad idea. Bleach, or sodiu... Read More »

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How do I mix detergent with bleach?

Liquid BleachFill the washing basin with water, and add a cup of liquid or powdered detergent. Dr. Laundry recommends waiting five minutes into the wash cycle and adding a cup of bleach. Bleach com... Read More »

Can I Use Laundry Detergent to Wash Whites Instead of Bleach?

When washing whites, bleach is an additive and therefore, not a necessary step. Although bleach helps keep whites bright and is an effective stain fighter and disinfectant, some people do not like ... Read More »

Can You Bleach Your Teeth Using Real Bleach?

Can you bleach your teeth with clorox for Teeth witening?

That's a terrible idea. It is very dangerous.